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Smiling Girl

Sarah Lewis, MA


Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist

Meet Sarah

Hi my name is Sarah (they/them) and I am a white, non-binary human. I am currently a pre-licensed psychotherapist with a Masters degree from NYU for Counseling and Mental Health and Wellness. I have sought and found so much personal growth through my own therapy and I recognize the strength in having someone there, to bear witness to both the joys and sorrows that are part of living. I want to help you navigate life’s challenges with an open mind and heart and nurture your own resilience. I am informed by my experience with psychodynamic theory that asks us to explore how our interpersonal relationship dynamics, especially in childhood, have shaped both our conscious and unconscious views of the world and ourselves. My therapeutic style is one of warmth, humor, and empathy. I will challenge you gently when I notice patterns that may no longer be serving you, while holding space for the self-protective reasons they are there. I always welcome discussion about our own relationship and your experience of working with me. You can expect me to show up as a whole and open person with my own thoughts, feelings, and identity; with experiences through training and life that help inform my curiosity. I work from a culturally sensitive, sex/kink positive, HAES, LGBTQ+ and polyamory competent lens. As a member of the queer community I strive to foster a space that is affirming and supportive; where it feels safe to ask questions and explore difficult feelings.

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