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Smiling Girl

Nora Einbender-Luks


Art Therapy Intern

Meet Nora

As a gender fluid, queer white woman, I aim to support clients who share intersecting identities and incorporate my values of anti-oppression into my therapeutic practice. I intend to offer care that is both trauma-informed and in line with harm-reduction models and best practices. As a clinician in training, I strive to learn from my client’s own wisdom and work in tandem with them to explore whatever it is that is showing up that day. Having been in therapy myself, I offer a personal awareness of how the relationship and structure can inform our choices in session. I acknowledge that my own biology, psychology and social identities inform my perspective, and in response, I seek to unlearn biases and challenge myself on the basis of compassion, curiosity and humility. I am currently an art therapy and counseling master's student at Drexel University with a prospective graduation date of 2024. In my fieldwork at Drexel thus far, I have supported adolescent clients in an intensive group therapy setting as well as have worked with adults with a history of severe mental illness and homelessness. I am passionate about the healing properties of art-making and will offer art therapy services to clients who may be interested.

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