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Smiling Girl

Jourdan Porter, PsyD, MEd


Licensed Psychologist

Meet Jourdan

I am a Black, cisgender, queer woman, and postdoctoral psychology resident. Over the years I have specialized in relational therapy for trauma and mood disorders. In this work, I have become well-versed in helping clients set boundaries, regulate emotions, navigate interpersonal relationships, and communicate effectively.
I also specialize in working with marginalized populations, particularly with people of color and those in the LGBTQ+ community. In this work, I explore matters of identity with clients in relationship to the self, to others, and to both micro and macro systems.
I strive to create a warm environment where I actively and compassionately listen to whatever it is that is ailing you or that comes to mind in a given moment. You can be assured that I will remain open and curious to your experience as I bear witness to your stories. While I personally know how hard the work of therapy can be, laughter frequently enters the room too.
I earned a doctorate in clinical psychology as well as a master’s in human sexuality from Widener University in 2021.

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