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Smiling Girl

Sarah Grace Morrison, MSEd, MPhilEd


Pre-Licensed Psychotherapist

Meet Sarah Grace

Hi! I’m Sarah Grace. I’m a mixed-race Black queer femme healer and therapist. I came to therapy from Black liberation/healing justice organizing, which deeply informs both how I move through the world and my approach to healing work. I see therapy as a space for us to work together to better understand and hold what hurts, and find a path forward to a more juicy, joyful, connected life! I favor relational approaches, and use frameworks from feminist therapy and psychologies of liberation to contextualize our experiences, what keeps us stuck, and wonder how we might get more free. Sessions with me tend to feel conversational and informal, and depending on your needs and preferences, can incorporate some trauma-informed somatic interventions as well. I’m also interested in how other modalities (yoga, breathwork, connecting to spirituality and ancestral magic, etc.) can support our growth and healing, and I welcome multiple ways of knowing. I specialize in working with clients of color and queer folks on a variety of challenges including trauma healing, depression, anxiety, racial and gender identity formation, grief, self-image, and more. My goal is to create supportive space for us to explore whatever it is you need to bring and be met with compassion and care. I have a M.S.Ed. and M.Phil.Ed. in Counseling and Mental Health Services from University of Pennsylvania and am currently working towards LPC licensure.

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