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Who we are

Collage Therapy Collective provides culturally affirmative psychotherapy and evaluation services. This practice was founded with the knowledge of how difficult it can be to find therapists with complex intersecting identities, or even to find therapists who value and affirm these parts of oneself that too often become compartmentalized. For our therapists, we seek to create that same space in which you can feel free to actually bring all of yourself to work.


Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for full- and part-time licensed clinicians who are strongly rooted in values of anti-oppression and pro-liberation, and who are actively anti-racist, queer and trans affirming. As a relationally-grounded practice, we are looking for clinicians who value bringing themselves into the room with clients, and who appreciate the ways in which our own identities intersect with those of our clients. In line with these foundational expectations, we are seeking those whose theoretical grounding aligns with a relational process. This may include those oriented toward relational psychoanalysis, feminist, attachment, psychodynamic, or systems theories.


What we offer

Fully licensed clinicians are compensated on a split fee schedule in which clinicians receive 60% of session fees. Full-time clinicians are eligible for company sponsored benefits, including reimbursement for health insurance premiums and other medical expenses through an HRA, as well as a continuing education opportunities.



Masters or Doctoral degree in a field qualifying one to be an independently practicing psychotherapist (e.g. PsyD, PhD, LCSW, LMFT, LPC)

Applicable PA licensure for independent practice

License Eligible PsyD/Clinical Psychology PhD candidates, as well as Masters-Level clinicians seeking hours for LPC licensure are also welcome to apply.

To Inquire Please Contact us using this link or emailing

Please be sure to include your CV.

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