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Renn Kinnear, PsyD, MEd
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Meet Renn

I am a white, cisgender, queer woman and psychologist.  My perspective is influenced by my own experiences, my years of training, and most importantly the depth of experiences I have shared with my clients. I work from a relational and social justice perspective, believing that to truly appreciate one’s experience we must understand that nothing exists within a vacuum. I aim to support individuals to better understand their own complex and nuanced story with compassion and care.  I prioritize a relationship of respect, authenticity and positive regard with my clients as the cornerstone of good therapy. I believe that with someone in your corner, you can drop shame and build the confidence to live a full and genuine life. 


I provide trauma-informed and affirming care to support individuals dealing with depression, anxiety,  life-changes and transitions, self-esteem, and gender and sexuality exploration. I also enjoy working with parents to manage transition to parenthood, separations and custody, as well as supporting parents of LGBTQ+ kids, or parents of children with disabilities.  I hold a doctorate from Widener University in Clinical Psychology, as well as a Masters in Education in Human Sexuality . I have spent my training and career specializing in working with transgender individuals, and folks of varied sexual orientation.  I consider myself  affirming, kink positive, and poly inclusive in my work. 

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